Monday, September 23, 2013

23 Sep 2013 - Farm Report:

It is technically Autumn around here and there is some visual evidence that the seasons are changing but the leaf colors haven't changed much yet. We've had a couple of cool mornings but it's not consistently cool yet. Harvested some more of our nice lemon drop hot peppers today. I think we'll have hot lemon chicken with rice for supper. Hmmm... The youngest roosters that we are (potentially) keeping have decided to jump the cackle girls. The older hens are just not putting up with the advances and ... peck = body slam! The pullets just run like crazy from 'em. Live is good on the farm!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

21 Sep 2013 - Saturday Farm Report:

It was 51 degrees on the farm this morning and there was a short fog over the land. Pretty. It's time to do some little jobs that have been needing attention around here. Someone will have to make a run to the feed store. 40 chickens eat a lot. So, we are off to see what can get accomplished.