Tuesday, October 8, 2013

08 Oct 2013 - Farm Report

Farm Report: One tray of peaches, one tray of strawberries, one tray of pineapple, and four trays of apples are dehydrating now! My smoker has been assembled but it's too windy today to cook clean it.  Harvested another bucket of lemon drop peppers and a few jalapenos. The jalapenos will be smoked to make chipotle peppers. Mmmm...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

02 Oct 2013 - Farm Report

The kitten is reinforcing the NEED to put everything back into it's place when I'm finished using/looking at/searching for something else and moved it. She is also quite interested in eating all the fall decorations.  Silly kitten. I made cinnamon rolls while baking bread yesterday. It's nice to have fresh ones every now and again. Harvested a couple more pounds of hot peppers ( 2 lbs of lemon drop and nearly that much serrano/jalapeno combo). I found a hot sauce recipe that I'm going to try to make. The garden is quickly loosing all it's green and freshness. I'm always sad to see the season end. But, looking forward in hope... to spring or heaven!