Tuesday, November 5, 2013

05 Nov 2013 - Farm Report

We have a lovely fall decoration display on our porch.  It has pumpkins, marigolds, broom corn and fake leaves arranged nicely on a bale of straw.  Sweet Pea (our blue heeler) likes to rearrange the pumpkins and
check them out regularly.  But, today I noticed that all but one had been removed from the bale.  The remaining pumpkin was precariously balanced toward the edge.  The light rain didn't stop the light bulb from illuminating as I realized, "Sweet Pea's been sleeping ON the hay bale."  A quick check for warmth confirmed it.  She'd found a new bed.  So, in the interest of keeping the pumpkin in one piece, I moved them all off and left the bale clear for resting.  I'd not been able to actually catch her on the bale till about the middle of the afternoon.  I peeked out the window to see why Bear (our livestock guard dog) was barking and found Sweet Pea observing the world from her hay bale.  I just laughed and let her be.  I figured she needed the warmth cause her coat isn't as full as Bear's is.  Imagine my joy as I went to check the mail box a short time later and turned to find BEAR resting on the bale.  I wish I could get a picture with one of them on the bale to share with you but the minute I step outside to take a picture, they jump off.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

03 Nov 2013 - Farm Report

I hate the time change each time it rolls around.  Why can't we leave well enough alone?  Why are we trying to "fix" it by changing it twice a year?  ugh.  Autumn is in full swing around here.  The trees by the house are in camouflage and it's a cool 61 degrees this afternoon.  Our project list is still long even though we manage to remove one or two things as we go along.  It is a great day!!  I am so blessed and very thankful.