Tuesday, January 14, 2014

14 Jan 2014 - Farm Report

It's a windy day on the farm!  The moo girls have had their morning cubes and were happily munching on hay when I left the corral.  The chickens are still working on scratching down the mountain of sheep poop.  Frosty is their rooster this week.  I've put the other two in "time-out".  I'm hoping that one of my hens will go broody here in the very near future so we can hatch out some chicks.  Firewood has been moved to the porch for easier access.  And the laundy has been started.  Whoo!  It's a glorious day.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2 Jan 2014 - Farm Report

We've finished the new stalls for the moo girls. Added the individual hay mangers today. So far they seem to be liking them just fine.  Our injured chicken was given some isolation time today to keep her out of the dirt and away from the roos. She wasn't overly happy with this arrangement as she is our chicken most prone to wandering. Poor little foot is going to take some time to heal. LGD Bear found himself a new bone today. It appears that he might have found where someone is dumping animal carcasses. Hmmmm... Cats are all snug and warm in the house. It's been cold and breezy here most of the day. Sun was shining but the temp stayed at freezing so it's been a slow day. We are now tucked in by the fire. Y'all have a good evening, 'k.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1 Jan 2014 - Farm Report

The new year started off at 32 degrees on the farm. The chickens are working on the compost pile, the dogs are laying around, the cows are munching happily on hay. It's a beautiful day!

"WONDERING IF... " Anyone interested in having a pastured turkey for processing at Thanksgiving or other time in the year? We are considering raising turkeys this year. These would be heritage breed turkeys such as Bourbon Red or Blue Slate breeds. They are slightly smaller than the broad breasted production breeds but they are better suited for reproduction. Would you like one?