Monday, January 5, 2015


No matter what is said, there is no - and I mean NO - way to put coveralls on gracefully.  Please understand, coveralls are a necessity on the farm especially when it's 12 degrees outside.  Oh, they make cute coverall for the skinny farmer but that's not what lives here.   Now, if you think a killer whale lunging out of the water and beaching itself is graceful in some way, perhaps you could imagine that a lunatic homesteading aging woman is graceful when she steps daintily into her Oklahoma red mud colored overalls.  Imagine that she is balanced perfectly like a ballerina and the coveralls come swirling around her like snow.  The dance is careful but smooth.  A stretched out arm is luxuriously draped with multi-layered quilted stiffness.  The shoulders are shrugged and wiggled to coax the material to it's preferred resting place.  And, suddenly, there it is...  the thing that looks like a cross between the Michelin tire man and Sasquatch-ina covered in red-brown sauce... ME!

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New...

Happy New Year!  Perhaps it is a tired old greeting used to identify the birth of a calendar year yet it still works.  With the hanging of the new calendar came thoughts of what might lie ahead.  Perhaps it will be new animals.  Perhaps it will be new plant varieties.  Perhaps it will be all that and more! 

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