Friday, May 20, 2016

Buck, Buck, Buck

It's been a bucky type of year for us so far.  Most of the babies born on the farm have been boys.  While we love these guys, they don't produce milk very well.  So, that means we have several available for sale.

This year's main squeeze, Dancer, is available.  He's triple registered and quite a showman. 

Also available are several of his sons...  Tanker, Rocket, Boots, Pyrite, Brownie, and Rocky.  Pyrite is a wether.

In addition, Popeye and Mocha are available. 

Interested buyers should contact us via email.  Our sales policy will be posted soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Crafting Scents

Essential oils are a big thing today.  Everybody is doing it.  Mmmm, the wonderful scents that remind us of delicious foods, fireside fun, and sometimes acrid events. 

Healing properties, soothing elements, pain relief - all are part of the mystical powers of essential oils.  Yet, very few scientific studies are done to verify the claims.  Do we rely too heavily on scientific studies anyway? 

And, does it even matter?

Does using oils comfort you?  Do they relax you?  Do they help you focus?  Or, are you one of the few that have severe allergies and want to ban their use by others?

I have become disillusioned by the artificial - strike that - synthetic air freshners.  I have searched the web and pinterest seeking a natural air freshner.  Hmmm.  Open a window.  Yup, that works superbly in Spring and Autumn, not so much in the sweltering heat of Summer or the shivering chill of Winter.

So, I am crafting my own essential oil scents.  Keep up with me as I blend and try.  #faithsfarmfreshners #loveit #hateit

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Lab Rats Wanted

As we develop products utilizing our goat milk and other natural farm ingredients, lab rats are needed.  While we do NOT use actual lab rats, we do use human volunteers.  It makes no sense to put our products on rats that will never use them.  Seriously, ever seen a rat take a shower and use soap?

Being a Faith's Farm Lab Rat isn't a comfy job.  It's not a free ride.  It might result in an irritating rash.  It will take time out of your already busy life.  

So, what are the job requirements?  A Lab Rat must assume the risk of using an untested product.  (Duh, that's the whole point.)  The Rat must provide feedback on how the product performed and under what conditions the product was used.  The Rat will also be expected to ruin the product and tell us how that was accomplished.  The Rat must also keep the product within a small testing unit.  (Please don't share it with everyone you meet until product testing has been completed.) 

The product will be provided to you at no cost in exchange for detailed information on how the product performed for you.  Anyone interested in being one of our Lab Rats, please contact me directly.  Let's do this!