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doe goat


Rosy has the thickest cashmere undercoat of all my goats. Within weeks of the Winter solstice, her coat begins to get this dirty rug look. By middle of February, she’s rubbing the fence (as pictured). Next, giant clumps can be brushed away. By the end of March, she’s back to a sleek, red coat.

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Prairie Wood “Iron” [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 08/10/2015 $350 Iron has a combination coat (hard to tell what the combo is), has brown eyes, is disbudded with scurs, and has moonspots. — Sire:  Promisedland RC Bonafide — Dam: Sugarcreek WM Yellow Gold

doe forsale goat


Faith’s Farm/Treasured Faith “Ebony” Star [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 4/3/2016 $325 Ebony is black with minimal white, has brown eyes, is disbudded, and has had two freshenings. — Sire:  Small Beginnings STVRAY “Dancer” — Dam: Black Oak Farm “Opal”

buck forsale goat


SOLD SOLD SOLD. Faith’s Farm/Treasured Faith “Beltie” [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 2/28/2019 Beltie has a red (gold) coat, has blue eyes, is polled, and stinks.  He is a loud, friendly fella that has not sired any kids with us. — Sire:  Faith’s Farm Patch — Dam: Faith’s Farm Red Pearl

doe forsale goat

Dos Peso

Faith’s Farm/Treasured Faith “Dos” Peso [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 3/16/2018 $400 Dos is a buckskin/chamoisee combination with minimal white, has brown eyes, is disbudded, and has never been bred. — Sire:  Prairie Wood Iron — Dam: Dav-Lyn Peso February 2020

doe forsale goat


Black Oak Farm “Bea”trice [AGS/ADGA/NDGA] 10/6/2015 $400 Bea has a chocolate coat with some frosting, has brown eyes, is disbudded, and has had one freshening.  She was on ADGA milk test in 2018. — Sire:  Pipers Sacred Samson — Dam: Good Measure Farm Tango February 2020