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Chickens, still.

We started our journey with chickens and a garden.  We still have both.  The chicken flock is smaller now tho.  We found that we don’t use a lot of eggs and we do not have the desire to process our own birds for food.  We can if we have to but we’d just as soon …

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2016 – Year in Summary

I want to start putting a milestone on each year.  A recap of what was accomplished on the farm and a quick summary of dreams for the next year.  Main House:  No activity was planned or completed on the main house. — We need to put a new roof on the house, install some piers, hang guttering …

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Growing Up “In The Country”

As a youngster, I grew up “in the country.” Grandma’s 40 acres was our playground.  We had dogs and a few random cats along the way.  Occasionally, there might be a flock of chickens around doing bug patrol.  BUT, there were no goats, cows, ducks, geese, turkeys, hogs, horses, alpacas, or donkeys. So, who would …