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Our flock has grown small and older. We are down to 9… two australorp roosters, one speckled sussex hen, one wyandotte mix hen, two buff orpington hens, and three australorp hens. Perhaps this year we’ll add some new chicks!



No matter what is said, there is no – and I mean NO – way to put coveralls on gracefully.  Please understand, coveralls are a necessity on the farm especially when it’s 12 degrees outside.  Oh, they make cute coverall for the skinny farmer but that’s not what lives here.   Now, if you think a …

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15 April 2014 – Farm Report

We survived the freeze and woke up to 26 degrees this morning. Some of the plants have been damaged. So much has still not sprouted (and probably wont) but I’m hoping things will still turn out well. Today is day 21 of Chick Hatch 2014. I have yet to hear anything. I’ll keep checking off …

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Christmas Ice – Early

We got ice for Christmas this year.  It arrived a couple of days early but it’s here!  While the crystalline landscape is beautiful, it has a ominous crunch to it also.  The dogs were having trouble running across the field.  At times it was as if they were walking on hot coals.  They moved their …