February 2018 Update:  We have sold our entire herd of Scottish Highland Cattle.  We miss them but know that we were not doing them any favors by keeping them overstocked.  If we can improve our pastures over the next few years and if we determine that we want to add cattle back to our farm, we will chose this breed again.

May 2017 UPDATE:  Our enthusiasm for these unique cattle has lead us to an overstocked situation.  We have sadly reached the point of needing to sell most or potentially all of our fold. 

Our homestead has hairy cows.  Yes, our Scottish Highland Cattle fold includes…

Blaire –  (b. 2011) purchased from Blazing Acres in July 2013

Greer – (b. 2011) purchased from Blazing Acres in July 2013

Bennoit aka. “Benny” (b. July 18, 2012) Our fold sire. – purchased from Heritage Hills in June 2014.  Gunner and Blondie’s bull calf.

Rona – (b. April 14, 2012) purchased from This’Ole Farm in November 2014

Ceana (Keh-na)  The first coo born on our farm.  She joined us early on May 17, 2015.  So sweet!  Xerox and Rona’s heifer calf.

Anice (Ah-niece) Benny & Greer’s heifer calf born Sep 2015.

Nessa – Benny & Blair’s heifer calf born Oct 2015.

Eddie – purchased from Blake Coble in December 2014

Maisy – purchased from This’Ole Farm in April 2016

Isobel – Maisy’s heifer calf born Aug 2016.

Little Man – Benny & Rona’s bull calf born March 5, 2017.

Grant – Benny and Greer’s bull calf born March 9, 2017.

Kerr – Benny and Blaire’s bull calf born April 4, 2017.

Our coos live on grass and hay with winter feed supplement.